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Hello to the World

Posted on: January 21, 2010

Hello everyone,

My name is Michelle and I will be 26 next month (excited!).I have always wanted to start a blog like this. For the past several years, I have watched beauty videos from makeup gurus on YouTube, reading their blogs; experimenting different skin care and cosmetics products myself.  I have a lot to say about the good and the bad of different products but never had the chance to start something to document my findings.

On new years eve  2010, I have decided to come out of my comfort zone and go ahead thinking about how to start a blog on something I really love. So this is how this blog comes into being. Just like most of you, I am a girl who has her own secret skin care and makeup routines; and  loves to experiment with new products and share thoughts with others. So hopefully this blog will not  only serve as a journal where I record my findings in my way of achieving perfect skin and a healthy body, but also grow into a small platform for those who love beauty products.

Welcome to my blog


3 Responses to "Hello to the World"

Is this your NY resolution? Good one and strongly support! I am quite lazy so I totally agree with SHUNZA: No ugly woman! Only lazy ones! So I will use this as text book: learn and practice earnestly!

Mi, could u add price to every product you write? I am also price-sensitive. 🙂

Thank you Jing. This is actually a really good suggestion. It is a review after all.

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