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Quiz result

Posted on: January 25, 2010

Last night I washed my face like I usually would, using my new favorite, Boots Moisturising Deep Clean Foam for normal/dry skin in the Botanics line (maybe it deserves a review?).

I never thought letting face air dry would be hard for me…it is second nature to press towel onto my wet face and neck after I wash my face. This time I had to stand over the sink let the water drip and air dry…that took me a while there.

I used Kleenex tissue, and lightly pressed it onto my forehead…

…and it fell right off.

that was never what I expected. I always hated those squeaky clean feeling from using Clean & Clear and Clinique’s face wash. It is as if they robbed all the moisture from my skin. Did boots do the same thing? I personally think it didn’t. The honey and Hydrolyzed rice protein makes my skin very much refreshed and moisturized. Maybe it is because I rinse too much? I don’t know.

One thing I get from this quiz result is: toning and face cream are very essential after face wash. They will provide the moisture and nutrients your skin needs.


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