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Brushes (Eye Brushes+purchasing tips)

Posted on: January 26, 2010

We are now moving onto the last part of the brushes series, the eye brushes and purchasing tips.

Let’s first talk about what you need for basic eye makeup.

from left to right: MAC 239, 217, and 219

  • MAC 239: eye shader brush. Here I quote someone : “If you have to get a brush from MAC, MAC 239 should be the first one you purchase”. It is the ultimate eye shadow brush. You can do so much with this brush: blending, dabbing the colors on, even contouring around your eye area. I especially like its round edge: using this brush, you won’t end up with harsh lines all over your eye lids.
  • MAC 217: The blending brush. Another amazing brush in MAC’s eye brush line. This brush is for blending and shading. You can easily achieve a natural look with this brush even if you have a dozen of colors going on your eye area. The bristles are arranged in an oval shape and they softly spread out when you start blending. MAC 217 and 239 should be sisters. Because they work so well together.
  • MAC 219: The pencil brush. This brush is for precise lining and shading. It is essential for coloring your eye lids and lining under your eyes. Some people use this to blend eyeliners to achieve the smokey eye feel, but I only use it for applying colors to my eye lids.

So there you go: Four essential brushes you will need for makeup application. Some of them are very universal (e.g., 239, 190, and 150), if you don’t need brushes as fancy as MAC’s, you can find similar ones in Sephora and drug stores for a much lower price. I came across a starter brush set from Sephora which I think is a really good deal. It has brushes similar to MAC 187, 190, 239, and 266. It only costs $32 (a single MAC brush can cost more than $32). You get ten brushes plus a brush roll.

If you want high quality brushes, but aren’t willing to spend that much, I suggest you get brush bags. You will get five brushes in a set. They are smaller and shorter than the normal MAC brushes, but they work just the same. Currently MAC web site are still selling the Christmas 2009 limited edition brush bags for the price of $49.50. You will get five brushes for eye and face makeup application.

If you are still unhappy with the price MAC offers, you can always go to Cosmetic Company Outlet (CCO) stores in outlet malls. 32 States in America have CCOs in their outlet malls, the nearest one to Chicago is located at Chicago Premium Outlets in Aurora, IL. In CCO stores you can find a lot of discontinued MAC products for discounted prices. I love that place. It is the single store I stay the longest whenever I go to the outlet mall.

I hope this series help some of you just a little bit, on choosing the brushes and how to use them.


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