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Brushes (Face Brushes)

Posted on: January 26, 2010

Hello everyone,

Let’s start with face brush today.

From left to right: MAC 150, 168, and 190

Now let’s do a simple introduction to each brush:

  • MAC 150: It is the large powder brush. It is used for sheer application; such as dusting pressed powder, mineralized skin finish powder onto your face. Because the way this brush is shaped, it is easy to be maneuvered  around and set the powder evenly. It is not for precise effects. I use this brush in the very last step in my makeup routine to set all the colors on my face.
  • MAC 168: This is a large angled contour brush. As its name suggests, this brush is used for contouring and defining your face. The bristles are very firmly bundled, and its top is flat, you can easily control the area you are working on. I use this brush for bronzing.
  • MAC 190: This is a foundation brush. It is perhaps the only one in my MAC brush collection that is made from 100% synthetic fiber. It is designed this way so you can almost apply any kind of foundation effortlessly. It works very well with cream foundations, it also works great with stick, powder, and liquid foundations. I use this to apply my benefit’s that gal facial primer.

These three brushes are essential if you follow the step of prime, foundation, contour, and set powder. If you have very good skin and choose to only do one or two steps, you can choose the brushes accordingly. Keeping the brushes clean is very crucial. It is recommended to clean your face brush at least once a week. Especially foundation brush for liquid or cream foundations. It becomes sticky after one or two uses, and dusts and bacteria accumulate onto the brush, you don’t want to swipe them onto your face! I will write a post about how to clean your brushes later.

Let me know what you think đŸ™‚


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