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Simple steps to perfect eyebrows

Posted on: February 4, 2010

One morning I got up, looked into the mirror and thought : “Oh wow! My eyebrows are a mess…” I know you had those mornings too! But really, instead of getting a costly appointment in a salon to have your eyebrows trimmed/threaded, you can achieve perfect eyebrows at home by following the steps I give you today.

WARNING: You are going to see a lot of my right eye…

1. Make sure you take care of your eye brows soon after a nice and steamy shower. So that your face is clean and free from grease also your pores are opened up by the heat from the shower.

my left eyebrow undone (The Before picture)

Messy…Isn’t it?

2. Take a thin brush/pencil/ruler — anything straight, start measuring three crucial points on your eyebrow: make sure one end of the brush always stays on the wing of your nose (ala). Make the brush parallel with your nose. The spot the other end of your brush touches on your eyebrow should be where the eyebrow starts. When you find the spot, use an eyeliner pencil to mark it. Keep the lower end of the brush on the wing of your nose, then move the brush away from the first marked spot, and stop  either above  your outer corner of your eye, or  1/16 -1/8 an inch further from the outer corner of your eye (if you want a longer eyebrow).  This is where your eyebrow should end.  If you choose to have an arch, the highest point of the arch should be at the 1/3 point from the start to the end of your eyebrow. Find that point and make a mark there.

Measure to find where your brow should start

Measure where your eyebrow should end

Measure to find the highest point of your eyebrow

3. Use a little eyebrow trimmer (you can easily obtain it from CVS, Walgreens, or Target), shave the hair that is out of the marking zone, and try to define a shape to your eyebrow.

Trim away the excess hair

Use the trimmer to define your eyebrow shape

4. Use a pair of tweezers to pluck the hair below your eyebrows. And pluck in the direction how the hair grows, this will ease the pain if you are not used to having your eyebrows plucked.

Pluck away the hair below the eyebrow

5. Take a close look at your eyebrow. Some hair might be too long. You will need to cut it shorter so it fits well with other hair to    form the ideal brow shape.

Comb your eyebrow upwards, and then outwards. This helps you find the longer hair

Cut the longer hair. Make it the right length so it blends well with the rest of your hair to give your eyebrow a perfect shape

6. Brush and clean your eyebrow. Use makeup remover to erase the marks.You should be done here. Unless your eyebrows starts to fade towoard the end like mine, you might want to take two extra steps.

Brush clean the brow area

Erase the marks

7. Prime your eyebrow with Urban Decay Primer Potion.

8.Use an angled brush (MAC 266) to apply a color that is two to three shade lighter than your hair color, or two to three shade darker if you are blonde. Here I use MAC eyeshadow burnt (satin).

Fill your eyebrows with the right color

Voilà,  you have it! The perfect eyebrow!

The perfect eyebrow (The after picture)

I hope you find this tutorial helpful. If you are trying this for the first time, it will take longer. But once you have defined your eyebrow shape, the many times after will be a piece of cake!


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I’m always afraid to clean up my eyebrows. This should be a good lesson to me.

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