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Winter Perfume III

Posted on: February 5, 2010

I can’t believe we are moving onto the third perfume for the winter season now. I hope you liked my previous two recommendations.

Today I am introducing you Burberry Brit. If you ask me for one word to describe it, I would say: Sweet.

Burberry Brit 50 ml/1.7 oz

Burberry Brit was launched back in 2003 by nose Nathalie Garcia-Cetto. This fragrance has won many awards, soon after its variations became available, such as Brit Red and Brit Sheer.

Burberry Brit has notes of Italian lime,  icy pear, green almond, sugared almond, white peony, amber, mahogany wood, tonka beans, and vanilla. I can still identify the citrus from the top note, but for a longer time, what I really can smell from this perfume is only vanilla and sugared almond. Burberry Brit is less overwhelming in colder weather. It is exactly why I recommend this fragrance to you for the winter season. The one I have in the picture is Eau de Parfum, which means if you put it on, the scent stays with you all day long. As the time goes by, what really settles on you will be the sweet, sweet, sugary scent. So really, this scent is neither floral nor fruity. It is just a bottle of sugar in liquid form. If your loved one has a sweet tooth, put on this fragrance, you will instantly become irresistible to him. 😛

You can’t mistake this bottle with any other fragrances. The packaging is classic for Burberry. The bottle is covered head to toe with Burberry’s distinctive plaid pattern.  My Burberry Brit was purchased by my best friend back in Asia. One time my friend had a business trip to Macau, and I asked her to get me this perfume in those fragrance discount stores. Now every time I wear this perfume I think of all the good and bad times I had with her when I was in Asia. Of course, I also think of the Burberry classic plaid cashmere scarf. Both thoughts make me feel very warm, so I can go through Chicago’s long, long winter. Perhaps occasionally wearing this perfume helps a little too. 🙂


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