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An appointment with YSL’s National makeup artist

Posted on: February 7, 2010

Hello everyone

Yesterday I had an appointment with Yves Saint Laurent’s national makeup artist Dell Ashley for a fresh spring look.

I was excited to learn some makeup application tips from him, So I went prepared. I did a thorough research on YSL products; their price range; colors I am interested in purchasing…etc. Dell and his assistant mostly used two palettes for this look.

OMBRES 5 LUMIÈRES 5 Colour Harmony for Eyes palette shade #8 Midnight

YSL Y mail highlighter (limited edition)

I enjoyed the entire process of getting my makeup done while chatting about YSL products with the artist. However, I did find something inappropriate when his assistant prepare my face for the application: Apparently they were using testers from the YSL counter, and the assistant used cream concealer, eyeliner directly on my face/eyes. Eeewwww…a very important tip for you girls: When go to a cosmetic counter and trying testers on your face, always, always ask sales associates for disposable q-tips, sponge applicators, or little plastic brushes for application. If a SA volunteers to put makeup on you, he/she should always ask you if it is ok for them to use fingers dabbing/blending makeup on your face. You should remind them to clean their hands before you allow them to do so. Dell’s assistant did not even ask before she slaps makeup onto my face which gives me a very unprofessional impression.

Dell, on the other hand, did a great job on my eyes:

Personally I am not a fan of pastel colors. However Dell did a great job taking advantage of all the colors in the palette and blending them into a very natural look. The nicest touch in my opinion is using the frosty light blue color as the highlight on my eye lids. I wouldn’t recommend YSL’s eyeshadow palette because the eye shadow starts to fade one hour after the application.


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