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Tutorial: St. Valentine’s Day Dreamy eye look

Posted on: February 11, 2010

Just a quick shout-out to all the MACaholics, MAC’s Spring Colour Forecast collection is officially out at MAC counters and free-standing stores nation wide. So if you are shopping today, make sure you check the products out! I will go to a MAC store on Saturday and see if there is anything I like from that collection. (possible haul afterwards :P)

Today I am going to do a simple St. Valentine’s Day dreamy eye look using Maybelline’s EyeStudio Color Plush Silky Eyeshadow Collection. It is a very natural, easy look that does not require too many colors and tools. All the colors I used are in this palette: “Legendary Lilac”.

Maybelline EyeStudio: Color Plush Silky Eyeshadow, Legendary Lilac

  • First, apply Urban Decay Primer Potion to your eyelids.

Step 1

  • Carefully even out the primer with your ring finger

Step 2

  • Use an eye pencil draw two curved Vs on both your inner and outer eye corners. Make sure the upper lines do not go over your brow bone. Use a brownish color for your eye pencil. Black or dark blue are too harsh.

Step 3

  • Use MAC 219 or any pencil-shaped brush to blur out the lines. Make the lines almost like shadows. Doing so will help: 1. give you a general idea where you should apply eyeshadows; 2. Add more depths/dimensions around your eye areas.

Step 4

  • Use a MAC 239 brush or any brush that is of the same shape, dab the cool-toned, light purple color (third one from the left in the palette ) to the middle of your eyelid — It is the area where you can feel your eyeball when you close your eyes. This color is the highlight color on the lid.

Step 5

  • Use the darkest shade of purple (the last one from left in the palette), apply the color onto the outer corner of your eyelid. Make sure you don’t go over the blurry brown line we drew on earlier. Use the same color, and sweep over the fold of your eyelid.

Step 6

  • Use the pinkish purple color (second one from the left in the palette), apply the color to the inner corner of your eyelid. Make sure you don’t go over the blurry brown line we drew on earlier.

Step 7

  • Use a MAC 217, or any other kind, that is a fluffy blending brush, dab the lightest shade in the platte (the first one on the left), onto your brow bone.

Step 8

  • Use the 217/blending brush, blend all the colors on your eyelid from top to bottom in a circular motion. Make sure you don’t see any harsh lines.

Step 9

  • Use a black eyeliner pencil line your upper eye line

Step 10

  • Line your lower eye line from the outter corner of your eye and end half way.

Step 11

  • Use a white eye liner, line the water line of your eye all the way from the inner to the outer corner.

Step 12

  • Use a MAC 239 or any flat eye brush dab the lightest shade under your eye

Step 13

  • There you go! All the shades are applied and blended! You are now free to curl your lashes and apply mascara!

Finished look

It’s very subtle and simple look.

Finished Look

Let me know what you think of this look or if you have any request, leave me a comment or message me, I will see what I can do. Have a dreamy dreamy Valentine’s Day!


4 Responses to "Tutorial: St. Valentine’s Day Dreamy eye look"

I also have the Maybeline eye studio in another colour; it’s the best to get glitters hey?! nice romantic eyes you got there!

Yeah, I like it too. It is a lot of glitter, so I need to dab the colors on, and it is so hard to blend…Thank you Mei! loving your tutorials too! 🙂

I haven’t visited just a few weeks and a lot of new improvement come out!! I like the eye shadow!

Yay for all the improvements! Go grab the palette at Target!

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