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PINK, is it? (Part 2: lipgloss)

Posted on: March 1, 2010

So there you go. Part 2 of the PINK series. Today we are going to talk about some of my favorite pink toned lipglosses.

Pink lipglosses at a glance (the second one from the left is curved...and I shall tell you why...)

Let’s start from the very left, shall we?

MAC lipglass True Babe

MAC lipglass True Babe swatch

True Babe lip swatch

True Babe came out with the Riveting collection not long ago. It is this highly glossy hot pink lip gloss I wore in the last lipstick post. The question is, can you wear it on your bare lips?

Yes! It gives your lips a very nice pink tone. If you have pigmented lips,  I suggest you use a little bit of liquid concealer on your lips to tone down your lip color, before you use True Babe.

Chanel Glossimer in Waterlily

Chanel Glossimer Waterlily swatch (second line from the top), compared with MAC True Babe

Chanel Glossimer Waterlily lip swatch

This Chanel lipgloss was once my best friend. My suggestion for you: If you have to get something from Chanel beauty counter, go get their lipglosses.

Chanel lipgloss is very longlasting, and sets on lips very well, in the mean time, the consistency is not tacky at all. Waterlily came out in Spring 2008 (long time ago…I know). This gorgeous lipgloss is a very sheer rosy pink with gold shimmer. It worked as my go-to lipgloss for a really long time until I almost ran out of it.

You may wonder how this tube become so curved: I need to tell you why by giving you a trick for the lipglosses you think you run out of: heat up a cup of water, test its temperature by sticking your finger into the cup, if the water is too hot for you to endure, let the water cool a little, until it is warm, put your lipgloss into the cup and wait for 5 minutes, when you take the lipgloss out, all the residues accumulated on the walls of the container should have melted down to the bottom. Then you can easily reach the lipgloss by using the applicator that came with the container. The amount of the lip gloss should last you for two more weeks. The mistake I made here was heating the water too hot and put my lipgloss in. The water did not only warmed up the lipgloss, but also melted the plastic container. T_T…

Chanel Glossimer in Rose Sand

Chanel Glossimer Rose Sand swatch (third line from the top), compared with MAC true Babe, and Chanel Waterlily

Chanel Glossimer Rose Sand lip swatch

Continuing on with my Chanel glossimer tragedy: After losing such a great lipgloss, I went to Chanel counter in search of a replacement. The SA told me Waterlily was only a limited edition, and she found me the next best thing: Rose Sand. Rose Sand is almost the same with Waterlily, except shimmer — instead of gold, Rose Sand has silver particles in it. So now Rose Sand is my top choice when I want a simple, unexaggerated polished look. Later on I found out what SA told me was not true. Both Waterlily and Rose Sand are permanent products at Chanel, and you can go grab one anytime when you are at a Chanel counter.

MAC Lipglass Nymphette

MAC Nymphette swatch (fourth line from the top) compared with MAC True Babe, Chanel Waterlily, and Chanel Rose Sand

MAC Nymphette lip swatch

MAC’s Nymphette, a very popular lipgloss, is a faded pink color with a very high amount of gold shimmers. If your lips are pigmented, the shimmers will appear more obvious than the pink color. So your lips will shine and look very, very glossy. I would especially recommend Nymphette to Asians, because of  the yellowish undertone of our skins, the gold shimmer in the lipgloss will balance out the color of the entire face.

MAC lipglass Mimmy (limited edition)

MAC lipgloss Mimmy swatch (the fifth line from the top) compared with MAC True Babe, Chanel Waterlily, Chanel Rose Sand, and MAC Nymphette

MAC Lipglass Mimmy lip swatch

Have you ever tried NARS’ best seller blush, Orgasm? If so, you know what I mean when I say: MAC Mimmy is like NARS Orgasm on your lips. Mimmy is a very sheer pinky peach color with gold shine. As you can see from the picture, the gold shine is not as intense as the gold shimmer in Nymphette. Mimmy works very well on nude lips.

MAC Tricolor Lipglass Consume Me

MAC Tricolor lipglass Consume Me swatch (the vertical line on the right) comparing with MAC True Babe, Chanel Waterlily, Chanel Rose Sand, MAC Nymphette, and MAC Mimmy

MAC Tricolor Lipglass Consume Me lip swatch

So this tube didn’t originally like this. This Tricolor lipglass came out in the Sugar Sweet collection last year. Before I mixed the three colors together, it looked much prettier:

I have to say, this lipgloss is the least pigmented in my entire lipgloss collection. I bought this tube because of the beautiful pearlescent layer in the middle. Once the lipgloss is mixed up, the pearlescent does not seem to be very obvious. In fact, the overall color is very sheer, so sheer it looks almost transparent. I recommend this lipgloss as a top coat to any color of your favorite matte lipstick. It will bring the finish to a more glossy and shiny effect.

This is again, a very, very long post. I hope you found something you like here. 🙂


6 Responses to "PINK, is it? (Part 2: lipgloss)"

I love how the kitty one looks!! Such cute package too!

Btw thank you for following our blog Michelle! 😀 Unfortunately I don’t have account here,, but I check your blog all the time! :DD
Looking forward to upcoming posts~~~!

No problem Mei! I love reading your blog! Please recommend me some Asian cosmetic brands! I always think the packagings from Asia are so cute!

[…] I have to say, yes I am loving it! The sheen looks similar to the Chanel glossimer I have in Rosesand. Except that its shade is a frosty, purple pink. The lipstick is very pigmented, and very smooth to […]

love true babe so pretty n vibrant

It makes you look like a rock star!

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