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Haul: something cute and something new

Posted on: April 8, 2010

There a million reasons why we love cosmetics. Recently I bought some makeup products for their packaging and value. I’m so excited to show you!

First, something cute. I am not a Tokidoki fan, but I do find the designs very cute. Therefore when the latest cosmetic line, Tokidoki for Sephora came out, it immediately attracted my attention. The packaging is very adorable!

Tokidoki for Sephora Cromatico Palette in Bastardino (packaging)

Tokidoki for Sephora Cromatico Palette in Bastardino (shades)

I chose this specific palette to test out the neutral shades. The two brown/gold colors on the top row has metallic sheen, and they show up well on my skin. On the contrary, I had a difficult time with the two other colors. Especially the green with gold sparkles, when I swatch it onto the back of my hand, there is very little green showing, but a lot of gold glitters. Overall, I am not that impressed with the eyeshadows from Tokidoki. Lucky this product has its packaging to balance out its value.

You find a tiny Bastardino underneath the eyeshadows!

This eyeshadow palette box has two layers, when you flip the eye shadows over, you see a tiny Bastardino sitting in the basement!

You can choose to take it out and attach it to your personal items such as keychains, or cellphones. I choose to keep this little cactus friend in the box. 🙂 It is clear the company is selling the packaging to make Tokitoki fans scream at the first sight of this cosmetic line. There are blushes, eyeliners, single-color eyeshadows available at Sephora. If you are interested, go have a look!

Just when I thought the best value of all eyeshadow palettes comes in the coastal scents 88 color palette, I found something that kicked my coastal scents palette’s sweet little butt:

Leif 104 Color Makeup Palette

When I was shopping on State street the other day, I found this at a Nordstrom Rack store.  When you take the palette out of the box, it looks like this:

Leif 104 Color Makeup Palette

The box is made of this nice black matte plastic, with its logo, a chic little girl walking on the bottom.

Open the palette:

Leif 104 Color Makeup Palette

The shades are so beautiful, I don’t see a single color I won’t use. Unlike the Coastal Scents 88 matte color platte, this one has a little sheen in every shade. When I open the palette, the packaging reminds me of a small Japanese bento box. But of course, it is much more fun than a bento box, because there is more:

Leif 104 Color Makeup Palette (more colors)

and more…

Leif 104 Color Makeup Palette (with blush colors)

Again, I love every single color! The blush colors compliment my skin very well. And this palette comes with four sponge applicators, two smaller brushes, and two flat brushes for the blush. So I thought I would put two palettes together:

Leif 104 Color Makeup Palette and Coastal Scents 88 matte color palette

They compliment each other so well: Coastal Scents 88 palette has some bold colors that I can incorporate with the neutral shades from Leif palette. and the color payoff?

Leif 104 Color Makeup Palette vs Coastal Scents 88 color palette

I found two similar colors from both palettes, and swatched them onto the back of my hand. The upper one is from Coastal Scents, and the lower one is from Leif. The color payoff are great from both shades, the Leif color has more sheen as it appears in the palette. I am very, very happy with Leif’s quality.

Now I know you are wondering, how much is this amazing palette then?

Price for Leif 104 Color Makeup Palette

Yes! It is $ 19.97! What a great value! If you love playing with makeup, go grab one now! When I got mine, there are still plenty at my local Nordstrom Rack store.


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wow i love love all the colours in this box!! and wow its cheap!!! i wonder where i can find this in toronto… – –

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