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Review: Clarisonic Plus

Posted on: April 15, 2010


If you read my previous post, you know that I purchased Clarisonic Plus last week. I decided to give it a week to see how it works on my skin. So, what is the verdict?

Clarisonic works much better on oily skin as compared to normal/dry skin. I have relatively oily T-zone (forehead and nose area) but normal to dry cheeks and chin.

The first time I used Clarisonic Plus, I wetted my face, worked the facial cleanser (MAC Lightful) into foam on my palms and evenly applied it on to my face. As the brush  instruction indicated, I turned on Clarisonic, and paid attention to its T-Timer beeping system: Once the brush is on, I moved the brush using a small circular motion on my forehead until the brush indicates one beep, then I move on to my nose and chin until I hear another beep, I move the brush to my left cheek and then to my right cheek. The T-Timer gives forehead cleansing process 20 seconds, nose/chin area 20 seconds, and 10 seconds for each cheek.  Once the cleansing is done, the brush automatically turns itself off. By then, I had considerable foam on my face, I thoroughly rinsed my face until my face was smooth and clean.

Before applying any toner, eye cream, moisturizer, I took a good look of myself in the mirror: My entire face indeed lightened up and appeared to be clearer. However, I can achieve similar result with exfoliation. What really impressed me was what happened around my nose area: You know how you get enlarged pores around oily area, and when you stare at them closely, there are little tiny white heads in your pores? The worst way to get rid of the white heads is try to pop them out with your nails (ewwww), because the bacteria in your nails will transfer into those pores and cause redness and infection. What Clarisonic did for me, after brushing around my nose area, was that all the little white heads were massaged halfway out of the pores. Now, don’t you think it is safe to pop them out since they are already half way there. What I did was spray some water onto my nose, and stick on one of those Bioré strips. Once it dries, tear it off, I was surprised how clean my pores were.

Because Clarisonic brush has three rings of soft bristles. Once you turn on the brush, the rings start to spin in opposite directions. Because the bristles are so close to each other, as you move the brush around on your skin, the bristles gently massage the pores and pick up the impurities from your skin. I believe this is how Clarisonic can effectively clean our faces. Once the face is properly cleaned, it is easier for the skin to absorb whatever you apply onto it.

Based on my personal skin condition, I only use Clarisonic once two days. And I only use it at night. When I use the brush, I make sure to be extra gentle on my normal/dry areas of my face. All in all, I believe this electronic brush will be very helpful cleaning oiling spots on my face. If you have oily skin and use blotting paper/powder 2+ times everyday, I say get Clarisonic and you will love it!

As for me, I will keep my everyday skin care routine and use it for deep cleaning purposes.


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