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Haul: You know I went to Mitsuwa when…

Posted on: April 19, 2010

Hello everybody! I know I have been slacking off quite a lot lately…I need to apologize for it…But I have been working hard on other parts of my life. So I guess I wasn’t really slacking off…lol Two weeks ago my boyfriend and I went to visit our friends and their adorable, adorable baby in Schaumburg. I love Schaumburg so much that I think if there is one sub I had to move to in the vicinity of Chicago, it would definitely be Schaumburg. Schaumburg has it all: IKEA (I’m a fan of IKEA storage solutions), big indoors shopping mall, quite a lot of good Asian restaurants, and of course, Mitsuwa! I love spending a long time in its book store and the beauty isle. So this time, I grabbed my favorite Japanese magazine 25 ans, and these goodies…

Goodies from Mitsuwa

I don’t know about you, but I am fascinated about drug store beauty brands,  I am even so when it comes to Japanese drug store brands. I was very excited picking out these great stuff. There are several I have to mention here.

The little tube at the lower right corner with the little seal on its package, is a magical concealer. This concealer is especially formulated for concealing enlarged pores around nose area. Every time after I apply my Benefit That Gal facial primer, I put on just a tiny bit of the concealer then even it out around my nose area, and voilà! All the pores are invisible! It works like magic! I immediately added this concealer to my daily makeup routine after my first try.

Just the day before we went to Mitsuwa, I was curling my lashes, and when it came to lower eye lashes, all I could do was combing them down… I was wondering, why no one comes out with a eyelash curler for the lower lashes? It is perhaps not an issue to some of you. For example my boyfriend has the most amazing long and curled lashes, both upper and lower! But my eye lashes grow straight down, so whenever I wear mascara I need quite a long time to make sure my lashes are all curled upwards not pointing all the way down…so you can understand how thrilled I was when I found an eyelash curler for lower lashes at Mitsuwa! I had to buy it and try it out. Right now I have to say…I am loving it! together with my MAC eye lash curler, and Shu Uemura mini curler I am fully armed to amend my straight eyelash problem. 😀

I am planning to write reviews on the products I am loving these days. Here are some of the posts you are going to see in the near future:

Spring perfumes: Chanel Chance Eau De Tendre (last post in the spring perfumes series)

Hauls: products from the latest MAC collections

Stay tuned!


3 Responses to "Haul: You know I went to Mitsuwa when…"

omg i envy you guys!! we dont have mitsuwa in toronto so it’s really hard to find authentic japanese stuff, we have an asian mall that’s about it… but sometimes i’m scared to get fake goods there… > <

btw do you mind telling me the prices for the items you got i.e the mask, mascara, lash curler, eye talk and magazine lol,, i just wanna see how the price range is comparing to the original price in japan,, and that asian mall in toronto lol

I need to find the receipt from there…will get back to you…25 Ans is $12. Is it overpriced?

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