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You girls think I would miss out any of the special collections from MAC? No! The reason why I didn’t posted any pictures for MAC’s recently launched collections until today was because I cherry-picked very few products from  Art Supplies and Prep for Colour collections (I only bought two items), until I got a little carried away shopping Prêt-à-papier Collection.

Prêt-à-papier Collection (note: the paint pot is not from the collection)

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I always wanted to write this post, just to introduce these two awesome Brits to you. Now in case you don’t know, I have a very long list of beauty gurus that I subscribe to and watch on a daily basis. However the list changes all the time: There are channels I unsubscribed, or re-subscribed, videos I deleted from my subscription box before I even watch them… But whenever I see videos from these two channels come up in my subscription, I always make sure I give them 100% attention.

I have subscribed to them for almost two years, never once was I disappointed with their videos. They are both from Great Britain, but specialize on different topics of beauty videos.

Richie Nickel, is a very stylish beauty guru, his channel What Style Is To Nickel is absolutely addictive.

This is just one of my many favorite videos from him. Richie is a huge MAC fan (and who isn’t at a certain level?). If you want beauty 101 advice from a MACaholic, or you just want to be inspired, go subscribe to his channel. I have to say, I am inspired by him in a lot of ways, and it is not only beauty-related I am talking about. Richie definitely knows his way in fashion, and has his unique taste in accessorizing. Besides all the make up/skin care review/haul/tutorial videos, he also has miscellaneous videos on fashion trends, and YouTube popular themed videos like what’s in my purse, what’s in my closet…etc.  Go check his channel out, I am sure you will fall in love with this beautiful guru for reasons more than his flawless makeup. It is the Nickel style that will capture your heart (and make you want to go back to his channel again and again).

Laura, another Brit, now residing in Dubai, has this wonderful beauty review channel Lollipop26

Unlike Richie, Laura uploads mostly product review videos. Knowing these days on YouTube beauty gurus are sponsored by numerous cosmetic companies to do endorsement videos, everyone has become more suspicious than before. When watching a YouTube video, I can’t help asking myself if the product the guru holds is another sponsored ad?  However with Lollipop26’s videos, I don’t have doubts. I have been watching her for so long and she always seems very genuine,honest and approachable. I have tried many products recommended by her and I am very happy with her recommendations. Laura embodies everything charming of a British girl, not to mention the English accent (I am a big sucker for English accent…I wish I speak with an English accent.), she is very lady-like, classy, and well-spoken. Her video style is more relaxed and casual. I personally detest all those staged and artificial videos on YouTube, I believe the best videos come from people whose opinions are not influenced by the environment. The reason Laura’s videos are so poplar on YouTube is because her opinions are the most original.

Hello everybody! I know I have been slacking off quite a lot lately…I need to apologize for it…But I have been working hard on other parts of my life. So I guess I wasn’t really slacking off…lol Two weeks ago my boyfriend and I went to visit our friends and their adorable, adorable baby in Schaumburg. I love Schaumburg so much that I think if there is one sub I had to move to in the vicinity of Chicago, it would definitely be Schaumburg. Schaumburg has it all: IKEA (I’m a fan of IKEA storage solutions), big indoors shopping mall, quite a lot of good Asian restaurants, and of course, Mitsuwa! I love spending a long time in its book store and the beauty isle. So this time, I grabbed my favorite Japanese magazine 25 ans, and these goodies…

Goodies from Mitsuwa

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If you read my previous post, you know that I purchased Clarisonic Plus last week. I decided to give it a week to see how it works on my skin. So, what is the verdict?

Clarisonic works much better on oily skin as compared to normal/dry skin. I have relatively oily T-zone (forehead and nose area) but normal to dry cheeks and chin.

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Hello everybody! I am so excited to tell you, after careful research on site and online, I finally decided to purchase Clarisonic Plus at Sephora Oak Brook Mall, with lower tax, and my VIB 15% off coupon. After consulting with a SA for nearly an hour, I chose Clarisonic Plus instead of the classic.

Here is a picture I borrowed from Clarisonic’s Web site

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There a million reasons why we love cosmetics. Recently I bought some makeup products for their packaging and value. I’m so excited to show you!

First, something cute. I am not a Tokidoki fan, but I do find the designs very cute. Therefore when the latest cosmetic line, Tokidoki for Sephora came out, it immediately attracted my attention. The packaging is very adorable!

Tokidoki for Sephora Cromatico Palette in Bastardino (packaging)

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Hello ladies! Tomorrow the temperature is going to reach up to 82 degrees! It is indeed getting warmer! Is your complexion ready for summer? I know I had been hiding indoors all the time in the cold, cold winter…My face is very fair. Now it is time to add some healthy glow and dimensions to my face!

Here is how I prep my face for the warm weather (for detailed explanation, see the captions below each picture):

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