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You girls think I would miss out any of the special collections from MAC? No! The reason why I didn’t posted any pictures for MAC’s recently launched collections until today was because I cherry-picked very few products from  Art Supplies and Prep for Colour collections (I only bought two items), until I got a little carried away shopping Prêt-à-papier Collection.

Prêt-à-papier Collection (note: the paint pot is not from the collection)

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Hello everybody! I know I have been slacking off quite a lot lately…I need to apologize for it…But I have been working hard on other parts of my life. So I guess I wasn’t really slacking off…lol Two weeks ago my boyfriend and I went to visit our friends and their adorable, adorable baby in Schaumburg. I love Schaumburg so much that I think if there is one sub I had to move to in the vicinity of Chicago, it would definitely be Schaumburg. Schaumburg has it all: IKEA (I’m a fan of IKEA storage solutions), big indoors shopping mall, quite a lot of good Asian restaurants, and of course, Mitsuwa! I love spending a long time in its book store and the beauty isle. So this time, I grabbed my favorite Japanese magazine 25 ans, and these goodies…

Goodies from Mitsuwa

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There a million reasons why we love cosmetics. Recently I bought some makeup products for their packaging and value. I’m so excited to show you!

First, something cute. I am not a Tokidoki fan, but I do find the designs very cute. Therefore when the latest cosmetic line, Tokidoki for Sephora came out, it immediately attracted my attention. The packaging is very adorable!

Tokidoki for Sephora Cromatico Palette in Bastardino (packaging)

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I have to start this post by putting on the picture first of course!

Hello ladies,

This is a glance at the gifts and some of my own purchases over the weekend. First of all, a very big thank you to all of my lovely friends who showed up at the surprise birthday party my boyfriend planned on Friday (my actual birthday is this Wednesday). I loved every single one of the gift I received.

I would like to start from the biggest box in the very back:

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I went to CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet) store yesterday and thought I might give you two examples of the CCO MAC products’ prices.

As I mentioned in my previous post, CCO carries a number of department store cosmetic brands. Many discontinued products that you can’t find from stores/counters, you can find them at CCO stores for discounted prices. The one I sometimes visit carries a large collection of MAC, Bobbie Brown, Estée Lauder, Lancôme, and Clinique products.

I got a high-light powder from the Dame Edna collection in Specticle! It is a pale pink color that I will use for natural highlight on my face. I am trying to substitute my current highlight, Benefit’s High Beam with this powder. But I know it will take a while…

MAC Dame Edna Collection launched on Dec. 26, 2008

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Last Friday I went shopping with my friend, and got some MAC products. I went to Bloomingdale’s MAC counter and found out they still have some products from the Style Warrior collection from May last year.I was very disappointed when I missed the chance to grab some colors I wanted from this collection, so you can imagine what a great surprise it was for me on Friday. I had to pick some colors I liked.

Style warrior collection products

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