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Hello ladies! Tomorrow the temperature is going to reach up to 82 degrees! It is indeed getting warmer! Is your complexion ready for summer? I know I had been hiding indoors all the time in the cold, cold winter…My face is very fair. Now it is time to add some healthy glow and dimensions to my face!

Here is how I prep my face for the warm weather (for detailed explanation, see the captions below each picture):

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The other day I saw this tag post and I thought it was a great idea to learn other people’s beauty and skin care routines. So I decided to post one here. Hope this post will give you an idea how I take care of my skin and my take on cosmetics. If you would like to answers these questions, just copy + paste the following questions, and give out your answers! It will be fun! Here I tag a very pretty girl, who also runs a beauty blog, Mei. I love her posts, and her blog is so cute!

It’s going to be a very long, long post…

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Hello you!

I am very happy that my last two posts were well received, I thought it would be great to write a post on VDay gifts for girls. I hope this post will help guys who have no idea about makeup but want to get something your girls always want/ are willing to try. I did a careful selection for the items I listed below. They are award-winning, best-seller products recommended by numerous beauty gurus and bloggers. If you are or your girl is at all interested in cosmetics, you know they are the best choice out there. I have tried, and loved all of them, so you can count on me with my comments.

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