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Hello everybody! I know I have been slacking off quite a lot lately…I need to apologize for it…But I have been working hard on other parts of my life. So I guess I wasn’t really slacking off…lol Two weeks ago my boyfriend and I went to visit our friends and their adorable, adorable baby in Schaumburg. I love Schaumburg so much that I think if there is one sub I had to move to in the vicinity of Chicago, it would definitely be Schaumburg. Schaumburg has it all: IKEA (I’m a fan of IKEA storage solutions), big indoors shopping mall, quite a lot of good Asian restaurants, and of course, Mitsuwa! I love spending a long time in its book store and the beauty isle. So this time, I grabbed my favorite Japanese magazine 25 ans, and these goodies…

Goodies from Mitsuwa

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